Browser Compatibility Troubleshooting

With about:browser, you can take the guesswork out of browser troubleshooting. Find out exactly what browser version, operating system, screen resolution, and plugins your clients and customers are using, when they're having problems with your website.


  • Accurately determine browser and operating system versions.
  • Get the screen resolution, viewport size, color depth and more.
  • Find out what plugins are installed and what advanced CSS & Javascript features your browser supports. (Coming soon)
  • Reports are downloadable or sent via email. (Coming soon)
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Browser: Other
Operating System
Operating System: Other
Device Info
Screen Resolution: unknown
Color Depth: unknown
Viewport Size: unknown
Browser Features
Javascript unknown
Cookies: unknown
Flash: unknown
PDF: unknown
Java: unknown
Geolocation API unknown
Inline SVG unknown
SMIL unknown
SVG unknown
SVG Clip paths unknown
Touch Events unknown
WebGL unknown
applicationCache unknown
Canvas unknown
Canvas Text unknown
Drag 'n Drop unknown
hashchange unknown
History (pushState) unknown
HTML5 Audio unknown
HTML5 Video unknown
IndexedDB unknown
localStorage unknown
postMessage unknown
sessionStorage unknown
Web Sockets unknown
Web SQL Database unknown
Web Workers unknown
@font-face unknown
background-size unknown
border-image unknown
border-radius unknown
box-shadow unknown
Flexible Box Model (flexbox) unknown
hsla() unknown
Multiple Backgrounds unknown
opacity unknown
rgba() unknown
text-shadow unknown
CSS Animations unknown
CSS Columns unknown
:before/:after unknown
CSS Gradients unknown
CSS Reflections unknown
CSS 2D Transforms unknown
CSS 3D Transforms unknown
CSS Transitions unknown